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Advanced Automation

Hard metal machining

Pinnacle Aerospace, based in Wellington, KS, is a proven leader in the Aerospace industry. Our professional team specializes in large complex hard metal machined parts and assemblies; utilizing experienced talent, best in cutting edge technology, and multi-pallet efficiency.

Focusing on one type of capability, we have created a simplified approach for consistent processes and performance. Our Focused Factory is continually finding ways to increase value and provide the best-in-class customer experience.


Why Choose
Pinnacle Aerospace, LLC

Customer focused organization ready to become your supply chain solution

Speed to Market

Quality Driven
Technology Guided & Engineered Solutions

Capable of Supporting all Aerospace Markets

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Leadership team with over 150 years of manufacturing experience. Talented machinists with over 26 years average manufacturing experience.


AS9100 approved.


Complex machining expertise for wide range of metals

Experience with multiple material types

In-house NC Programming

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